Protea Gallery features international & regional artists Opened in November 2012 in San Diego, California

Protea Gallery introduces international and regional artists whose visions are constant, but whose appearance may shift. Originally from South Africa, protea flowers are diverse and hardy, and have thrived in Southern California’s semi-­‐arid weather and sandy soil to offer a textured experience of color and types. The name is also derived from the Greek god Proteus, who could change his shape at will. The gallery artists and events mirror the attributes of the protea flower to be a space for exhibits and events that show flexibility, diversity and courage.

Protea Gallery holds the promise to shape San Diego’s art scene by introducing acclaimed international and regional artists. These artists will enhance the cultural milieu of San Diego to become anchors for extended dialogue. Through her participation in recent international exhibitions and biennials, Protea Gallery’s director Doris Bittar is uniquely positioned to introduce and share these artists many of whom are part of burgeoning art scenes in cities such as Cairo, Madrid, Dubai, Doha, Beirut, Amman, Lahore, Berlin, Paris and London.

Inspired by San Diego’s diversity, Protea Gallery is particularly committed to giving voice to its various and distinct communities. San Diego has grown tremendously in the last quarter of a century to include people from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Polynesia as well as the Native American and Mexican communities. Many grew up in San Diego to immigrant/migrant parents and have chosen to work and raise families in Southern California.

Events may include book signings, films, performances, poetry readings, and musical experimentation. The gallery aims to coordinate events per exhibition cycle. Protea flowers, grown and harvested in San Diego County will be sold to primarily raise funds to bring artists from far away to their openings. The space will also be available for 3rd party use.

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Stop by the gallery Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 11 AM - 6 PM & by Appointment
3780 30th street
San Diego, CA
email us info@proteagallery.com
or call 619.787.8505

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